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One more reason why GoDaddy is Awesome!

9. April 2008 00:13 by scott in   //  Tags: ,   //   Comments (7)

Today, I have a problem with my "Quotes of the Day" Widget by nyveldt. I received an error today with my BlogEngine.Net blog. I was at work and couldn’t get home to fix it and I didn’t want to lose my user base. So I went into GoDaddy and clicked on the File Manager tab.

I then tried to download the Web.config file from GoDaddy which didn't seem to work. I then checked mark the file and clicked Edit. GoDaddy actually pulled up the source code of the file. WOW! I was impressed. I changed the Debug Errors to Off so I can view the problem at work. I then went to the XML file it have a problem with and again, clicked edit and it opened the file right up. I changed the problems and it fixed right away. Wow. I was impressed that I could edit the files right on GoDaddy. That is one more reason I love GoDaddy. Thanks to the GoDaddy developers, I got my page right back up and running.

RSS Add-in for BlogEngine.Net that reminds readers to sign up to RSS

6. April 2008 23:08 by scott in   //  Tags: , ,   //   Comments (0)

I was reading along blog posts and saw a reminder at the bottom of the post to sign up to the RSS.  I debated with my self for a few seconds and decided against it because its just some ploy to get you to sign up.  Heh.  So I created my own ploy.  I created an extension that sits at the bottom of every post and reminds the user with the text you prescribe and the RSS link you prescribe.

It was something small that only took like an hour, but I think it will be a good constant reminder to readers that they can and should (hehe) sign up to the blog because they enjoyed your post.

So here it is.

Basically, you just drop it into the folder BlogEngine/App_Code/Extensions.  It is a nice little feature that you can see, I have already installed.

I currently have one glitch in the code that I can't figure out.  If you use another theme except for mine, you will end up with a space after the link for the RSS.  Why, well I have deduced that it is the little picture that sits next to links that shows it will open in a new window.  For some reason though, the picture doesn't actually show up.  Hmm.  So if you can fix this glitch, I will give you credit both in the Extension and this Blog.

Thanks Guys and Happy Blogging

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Building a Linq Query gives me a question.

3. April 2008 23:12 by scott in   //  Tags: , , ,   //   Comments (17)

So here I am building a new site that will estimate around 500,000 page views and 50,000 database transactions DAILY.  I am currently working on a simple query that selects ONE row[column] from a database and returns the value to the rest of the methods.  I have a simple thought or question I would like answered and thought this would be a place to bring it up.

Is the foreach loop required even if I know I will receive only 1 record back from the database?

That's it and to give you an example:

        CS_Code.DataContext db = new CS_Code.DataContext(SQLStatementsCS.ConnectionStringID());
        var query = from RN in db.Province
                    where RN.Name == Name
                    select RN.uid;

        int value;
        foreach (var uid in query)
        { value = uid; }

I think it is kind of pointless to create a foreach loop and use 3 lines of code to just get an ID out of the database. So let me know in the comments section if this is the only answer and I will point out the answer and give you a link back to a site of your choice.

Thanks guys and dolls.

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My Bill of Rights as a Programmer

2. April 2008 02:53 by Scott in   //  Tags: , ,   //   Comments (14)

I have seen many lists of requirements programmers wish to obtain before they start the job.  I am no different for my company.  I have my own requirements before I start a new job and I wish to create a dynamic list of my rights as a programmer.

  1. Every Programmer shall have a quiet working environment.
    • This is essential in order to think.  If the employer cannot provide a quiet working environment, see Bill of Rights #2.
  2. Every Programmer shall have the right to listen to music.
    • The essential need for a quiet working environment or to be able just throw on music to down out the background noise is essential.  We as programmers work on brain power so therefore we as programmers need to concentrate.
  3. Every Programmer shall have a fast PC.
    • Developers are required to run a lot of software that requires tons of memory and speed to get the job done faster.  The Fast PC only ensures that the programmer is able to research on the Internet while developing code and upgrading the database all at the same time while keeping up on the essential work email.
  4. Every Programmer has their choice of both Keyboard and Mouse.
    • The mouse and keyboard will only allow them to develop faster and become skilled at both shortcut keys and mouse techniques.
  5. Every Programmer shall have a fast Internet connection.
    • This is the mother of them all.  The ability to research faster is required for faster development.
  6. Every Programmer shall have two or more monitors.
    • The research done on having two monitors (here, here, here and here) far outweighs the time spent on only having one.  So even before I get offered a job, one of my first questions is will I have at least two monitors?
  7. Every Programmer shall have a high back comfortable chair.
    • This is another question I ask before going any farther with interviewing.  It not only makes the developer happier, but it helps with poster and is good for the body.
  8. Every programmer shall have access to the right tools.
    • Would you rather develop in FoxPro or Visual Studio?  Would you rather develop on Dreamweaver that Visual Studio for .net Development?  Would you rather use SQL management 2000 or use SQL Management 2005?  IT is a requirement that the company be up to date on software development.
  9. Every programmer shall have the right to have admin access on the PC.
    • There is no need for a programmer to be in restrictions of IT experience because most programmers have more experience with PC's than most IT folks.
  10. Every programmer shall be allowed to attend a developers conference once a year.
    • If companies are willing to pay 60k-100k a year for programmers, they can fork over the other 2k needed for the conference.

All things listed here are the basic needs of a programmer.  They are the movers and shakers that make companies faster with both commerce and day to day operations.  Companies are expected to follow most of the these requirements.  If you are not getting the rights you deserve, ask for more or find another place to work.

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A More Perfect Union by Barack Obama

1. April 2008 23:03 by sam in   //  Tags: , ,   //   Comments (6)

You know when it comes to politics there is not many things that could be thought of as inspirational. You have people that stand out above the crowd but not inspiring. You have people that fight for peoples rights, but not truly inspiring, but when you have a person stand up and take a high road that could have been just brushed off and avoided. I think you might know now what this post is about. Barack Obama could be our next president. He could be the next biggest loser. I am not trying to take sides and will try to never express my political views on this blog.

But when a man is faced with racial prejudice and stands right in its face and decides to take the high road, that is something that is inspiring. For decades upon decades now, there has always been a sense of racial problems in this country. Blacks can think that the white man is keeping him down and the white man thinking the black man is trash. Both sides of the issue have problems. Both sides have discrepancies, but when a black man (the pastor) makes it public. That is lighting a fire. It could start riots. It could ruin peoples careers. It could have ruined a mans presidency, but when Barack Obama took the stand and talked about the problems America still faces with cultural problems. Well he didn't try and low ball it, he didn't sit back and hide under the covers for it to be avoided, he stood up proud, responsive and ready to make a change to how this kind of media controversy was taking it. This to some people could be mirrored like Martin Luther King Jr. It could be mirrored like the Dalai Lama and the current situation in Tibet. I for one am inspired about the kind of road he took. If you also missed it, he didn't even disown his pastor. He said he was like a aunt or mother in law to him. This I tell you is an admiring man and I for one look up to him and say I was inspired by the way you handled the situation.


What else do companies have to do to keep Software Engineers?

30. March 2008 22:09 by Scott in   //  Tags: , , , ,   //   Comments (14)

A few days ago, I read a great article about creating a Great Place to work for software engineers.

It covers the newly tried and successful 4-day work week, Working from home on Flexible time, profit sharing, and overtime.  I do have a few thoughts on this though.  The 4-day work week is an amzing feature, I love the idea of this and would hope that all companies would either implement the 4-day work week or the 20% Google Time. I would love either one to be implemented. The work from home and Flex time is an amazing feature and I have personally written to my companies Vice President for a request on this one along with the 20% time.  She only said that she forwarded to HR.  This makes me sad.  Profit sharing and overtime, I agree that there should be no profit sharing, because this income only allows the company to grow and push out into more fields of their prospective market.

I would like to add two more requirements to the list.

1. Two monitors that measure at 19" or bigger.
2. A very comfortable High Back chair.  The current chair I would in is high back, but it doesn't support my back the way it needs to. I honestly think very little research went into these kinds of chairs.

Before I would ever get hired by another company, these two things would be requirements on my part.

Scott Pio

Students Rallied saying "Freedom is our legitimate right!" in Iran

28. March 2008 02:59 by Sam in   //  Tags: , , , , , ,   //   Comments (13)

On March 19th students rallied for their rights to freedom.  They rallied all across the country of Iran crying "Death to Ahmadinejad." This movement is amazing to view, it shows that the young people of Iran and many other countries including China, Venezuela and North Korea are crying for freedom.  I have always had a theory that it is the rule of thirds.  In America, when a family moves here from another country; it is not the first, second but the third generation that actually assimilate them selves into the American Society. Its an awesome thing to see and I think other countries are finally getting wind by a young movement that is sweeping the countries due to things like the Internet.  The Internet allows for mass crowds to get involved, it allows for better freedom of speech and it just allows information to flow.  It is a sight to see when people stand up against their country.  I only hope that the Internet moves the right kinds of people to stand up against communism and corruption.  I hope it shows people what freedom really is and what things it can do for a person.  On a side note: if information gets out to these countries faster and without delay over the next couple of years, I think countries that have restrictions on their people will inevitably fall.  It only takes time.  I hope sooner than later and with less death than there has been in the past.


Why do I document Code?

28. March 2008 00:23 by Scott in   //  Tags: , , , , ,   //   Comments (59)


Hello and welcome to another session of why do I document code.  Today's contestants are:

1. The Software Requirements Document otherwise known as the SRD - This valuable little document tells the developer what to develop.  Is was started by the Carnegie Mellon.  It is used as a contract document between the developers and the customer.  The customer starts the document by what they expect the program to do.  Everyone knows that the customer always changes their mind, well if you use the SRD, they are held by a legally binding contract that specifically states what to develop.  You as a developer don't develop anything else except for what this document states.  Therefore if the customer changes their minds, well you can either point back to the SRD or decide to charge them more money.

2. The Database Maintenance Manual otherwise known as the DMM - This handy dandy contestant describes every little feature about your applications database.  IT describes the tables, the columns, the attributes of the columns, the generated script of the entire database, the user logins, the ways too install and upgrade the database on another machine, the DTS and last but not lease etc...  This basic manual describes in detail every single part of the database.  The reason for this is if you had a total hardware melt down and nothing works, well you now have a copy of the database that can be recreated using the script that was generated and put inside the file.

3. The Software Design Document also known as the SDD - This massive document describes all the methods, namespaces and functionality of the Code.  IT also describes the developers thoughts and opinions to why they code the application one way compared to another.  When I say everything, I mean everything. This document has all the developers thoughts and opinions when they were designing and developing the code.  Thank god most comments can be extracted via an XML parser.  The XML parsed comments can even put it into a nice little help file just like  Where can you learn how to write one, well let me tell you.  Our good friends(Not really at all) at Bit Formation has made a great tutorial on how to write one.

4. The User Guide -  The user guide plain and simple is the thing users use to get around the application.  Every little thing that was EVER created by man has some sort of user guide attached to it.  These are a no-brainer, but long and tedious to write just like the other documents listed here today!

Now that you know our contestants, lets find out why you would do such a thing.

Alright, enough with the game show. I thought it would be a good starter.  I completely agree that all the documents though rather tedious and considered a time waster by developers is a necessary part of life.  Developers need to both COMMMENT CODE and write documentation.  That is the way it should be and should end up.  Documents are there in case you as the developer get into some kind of horrific accident and are no longer able to continue on.  They must find someone else to keep going.  Sorry, but that's the way life is.  You are writing the documentation incase you have to be replaced.  I currently work on a 20 year application and I know for a fact that I will not be working on this same application for another 20 years.  I just won't do it.  It is too boring and mundane.  I do know that some day, they will hire another guy or girl who will have to continue my work and when that day comes, the documents are there.

Ladies and gents, just think of documents as another day in the life of a developer. Things must be documented.

Scott P.

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Getting Fired in America because you don't speak Spanish!

26. March 2008 01:39 by sam in   //  Tags: , , ,   //   Comments (20)

I was surfing the Internet the other day and found a Video about how Firefighters who are getting fired because they don't speak Spanish. Crew captains are required in some states if not all states to be able to speak their firefighters languages.  Is this a definition of freedom.  Can any one person be allowed to speak a different language on freedom of rights.  I think so.  I think this is allowed to happen because it is his right to be free and therefore his right to speak what ever language he wishes.  As for should he speak English in America?  Well due to the fact that America has no National Language, yes he does have the right to speak Spanish in America.  Should others get fired because he decides to speak Spanish and not English?  No, that is discrimination and against the law.  It is against the Law to discriminated against because once again every man is free in our country.  Could it be taken to the Supreme Court?  Yes, it can and should be taken to the courts for their judgement.  It could even in fact start a national movement or law for the requirement of an English Language. 

The basics of this country is that EVERY man is FREE.  Not just Americans.  We are built on these basic principals.  Someone might argue that they came to our country, they need to learn English.  If they learn English, then we will be forcing a person against his freedoms this country provides him to learn something he doesn't want to. The only forcing that should be done is to force a person who has committed a crime.  If a person harms another person in anyway, they have just given up their rights to be free.  This now allows for a person in this country to be forced to do something, but until that happens their freedoms should not be taken from them.

My personal opinion?  When a cop decides to pull over a person who is not fluent in English, but has a legal drivers license for the state he was driving in because the DMV deems in necessary to put Spanish up on the screens for driving tests instead of English.  This I think is a safety issue and should require either the driver to be fluent in English or Americans in general to be fluent in both languages.  I guess we will see what happens in the next couple of years.  I for one hope that English will be nationalized, but it is not the right of a free man to be forced to learn a new language.

Quick Post on problems I am having.

26. March 2008 00:51 by Scott in   //  Tags: ,   //   Comments (14)

So, I am creating a web application over at , and I am completely renovating the app and converting it from PHP to  Its a huge job but I decided to take it up.  Thought it would be fun. heh.

Today I got there error:
An error has occurred while establishing a connection to the server.  When connecting to SQL Server 2005, this failure may be caused by the fact that under the default settings SQL Server does not allow remote connections. (provider: Named Pipes Provider, error: 40 - Could not open a connection to SQL Server)

I found a workaround and wanted to post it really quick.

Step 1 - You gotta produce the error!

Step 2 -  Go to Start -> Microsoft SQL Server 2005 -> Configuration Tools -> SQL Server Surface Area Configuration.

Step 3 - Go to Remote connection under Database Engine

Step 4 - Click on Local and Remote Connections.  Allows the testing group to connect.

Step 5 - Now, you have to stop and start SQL Server for the changes to take affect, so go back to Service Tab and press Stop and then Start.

Happy Building!

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