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8 More things in life you should NEVER forget

19. March 2008 21:31 by sam in   //  Tags: ,   //   Comments (0)

I saw the visits to the site go crazy when I posted 16 rules to live by.  I also know I wasn't too detailed when I talked about Randy Pausch and the things I brought away from his video.  So here I am doing my interpretive dance of what I feel are 8 more values/rules you should think about.

1. Decide if your a tigger or Eeyore. 
This is just about having fun.  If your a Tigger, then your just having fun every day.  That's it.  You have to decide wether your a Tigger or an Eeyore.  I would consider my self a Tigger.

2. Never lose the child like wonder.
Never lose your childhood fun and excitement.  Always be a kid at heart.  Its just too important, this child inside everyone is what drives us to have fun and succeed.  Keep up with the kid inside of you and your life will be more joyful every day.

3. Help others.
There would be peace in the world if everyone helped one another.  Teach someone by example.  Volunteer and do something that excites you in helping people.  Go to a homeless shelter.  Donate your things to Goodwill.  The world would be a better place if everyone just passed it on and helped other people.

4. (For the Ladies) He says this is one of the greatest quotes he has ever heard, "When it comes to men that are romantically interested in you, just stop listening to what they say and watch what they do."
One of those lessons that can be used in every woman situations.

5. Tell the Truth
Just one of those that every man of every faith should do.

6. Be Earnest.
People will take a Earnest person over a hip person any day.

7. Apologize when you screw up.
People will not only respect you more, but will still give you things they can trust you with. 

8. Focus on others and not your self.
This will make you more of a humble person.

9. Never Give up.
Don't stop at what your doing.  Accomplish your dreams.  Finish what you started.