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GoDaddy, ASP.NET and Discount ASP

30. January 2009 03:38 by Scott in   //  Tags: , ,   //   Comments (30)

Seriously, sometimes I wonder why I stay with GoDaddy.  Here I am developing a cutting edge app over at DrinkingFor. I just installed URL Routing on the app from the ASP.NET SP1 release.  I get to the point where I upload my changes to the site and what do I get?  I get a freaking Error.  SP1 for ASP.NET has been out for over 3 months now and GoDaddy still has yet to support it.  Why do I stay with them?  Sometimes I will never know.

I decide to take action.  So I call up GoDaddy support to ask them when do they plan on supporting SP1.  I waited on the line for about 10 minutes, and then someone finally answered.  The problem was that he was actually SNOOTY with me.  It was just plain sad.  I decided to go ahead and ask him when they expect the update.  Now being such a LARGE company, you would expect they would have roll out dates and times set up as to when they would start supporting a software upgrade.  Well, I talked to them and he said specifically they don’t.  They don’t have any kind of time line for SP1 or any other release.  I was just plain frustrated so I quickly hung up the phone with him and went to check out their competitor Discount ASP.  I come to find out that GoDaddy has a superior control panel than DASP.  I also found out that DASP is about double the price of GoDaddy.  I am a poor developer and I just really don’t make enough money to move my stuff over to a double the price hosting service. 

But, If Discount ASP was able to come down on their price a bit and upgrade their control panel, I would have moved over no questions asked with 20+ websites and customers.

Now as for GoDaddy, I am putting out a warning that if you don’t change your service and make software upgrades faster and let your developers know when its made, you will begin to see a mass exodus of your service.  I will make the promise that when I am able to pool enough funds together for about 20 websites, I will be moving.  I have had enough of the Big Daddy in the room.

Has anyone else had this bad of service?  What do you think of Discount ASP?

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