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FizzBuzz => BizzBuzz. Can you actually code?

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Have you ever been in an interview where they asked you to write code in front of them?  Well I haven't, being so young and so fresh in the developer world.  My Interview went along the lines of:

  1. Have you ever worked on CSS, HTML, ASP.NET and SQL?
    1. Yes I have, as of 2008 I have over 9 years experience with this stuff except for only 1.5 years with ASP.NET.
  2. What are your favorite hobbies.
    1. Fun, Fraternity, my Girlfriend and of course all my software projects that I have going on.
  3. Having them critique me if I will actually fit in with the group.

I have never been asked if I can FizzBuzz.

FizzBuzz - To write a program that prints numbers 1-100.  For multiples of 3, print Fizz, for multiples of 5, print Buzz.  For numbers which are multiples of 3 and 5, print FizzBuzz.

It deals with Modules, hope I spelled that right.  Can you do it?  Leave your code in the comments section, I would like to see your answers to this little problem.

FizzBuzz, the phrase is over used all over the Internet.  It is used by multiple programmers and made popular by which covered the FizzBuzz Dilemma here.

Why am I writing this?  I want to start a movement that doesn't use the word FizzBuzz anymore.  I want to use the phrase BizzBuzz. In my college life, I was a pretty big drinker and well we did play a few games that involved a table a die.  It was called Beer Die.  I suggest you look it up and think on it.  It is pretty fun for those people at the main table, but boring to the people that stand around the table. It was a fantastic game.  Like every drinking game, there were key words that couldn't be said. The words are Bizz and Buzz.  Bizz stood for 5 and Buzz stood for 7.  If you said either of these words, you finished a beer.  So lets start this movement!

BizzBuzz - To write a program that prints numbers 1-100.  But unlike FizzBuzz, For multiples of 5, print bizz.  For multiples of 7, print buzz. For multiples of 5 and 7, print BizzBuzz.

Why? well because FizzBuzz has become to popular and BizzBuzz has some history to it.  So lets start a cult following for BizzBuzz just like the following Beer has.

Thanks for listening. kick it on

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