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HEY YOU! Got Computers that are ALWAYS ON? And almost never doing anything?

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Hey guys, listen up and let me tell you how your wasted CPU time and the cost of the Internet could help save lives! Drop that task your doing now and listen up.

Today it was announced that the mere average video game player could win the Nobel Peace Prize. Http://fold.it has come out with a video game to have you help fold Protein to save cure/forms of Humans Diseases and stop the spread of Cancer. This means that scientists have actually made it fun to cure diseases and they want your help in this endeavor.  They created a video game that allows the human being to take part in folding protein. What is it you say?

Folding Protein - After clicking the link, you received a lot of scientific talk, but I am here to tell you that folding protein could ultimately help and lead the way to cure major Human Diseases.

I am not lying to you, and you could be a part of this. If you decide to play the game, or even go one step further with handing over your idle time of the CPU.  The project is called @Home.  The Various projects that can be worked on are:

  1. Seti@Home - By Far the second largest project of the @Home Projects and is the search for Extra Terrestrial Life. This project examines radio signals to view planetary systems that need to be reviewed.  It also has a really cool screen saver when it runs.
  2. ClimatePrediction.net - This is the current largest distribution of the worlds computers that are involved in this project, which helps forecast the climate change of the 21st century.
  3. Rosetta@Home - Is a need to help determine three dimensional shapes which start the folding protein process. It takes CPU cycles that would be other wise not used and turns those into something that can cure diseases and help cure cancer.

The above is only a small list of of the things that could be done to help save lives or find alien species.  I am apart of Seti@home and Rosetta@Home, because those are the two projects I can personalize with and the faster we find alien species, the faster we can grasp new technologies! haha. I hope you do truly take the time to look at these because I know I have now devoted three of my PC's cycles to it and will be turning the forth one on very soon!

P.S. If your looking for a group to join when you actually decide to do this project, I can be found on the .NET group of each of these projects.  Join in and help save a life.  It doesn't take much and its very little to ask from a computer that is always on anyway.

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