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A Few Problems with ColdFusion

27. February 2009 03:11 by Scott in   //  Tags: ,   //   Comments (23)

I have a couple of Co-Workers who work in ColdFusion along with my Alma Mater. I wanted to see if it was the right thing to do or was there something better than it.  I did find a couple reasons why NOT to use ColdFusion which I have begun to believe in.  Don't want to start a flame war here, but I see a big problem with ColdFusion.

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  • It discourages the separation between business logic (the code) and the presentation layer (the layout).  This in turn creates something I like to call spaghetti pages. Bad for code reuse and code readability.
  • Because of the template model it uses, it creates cross site scripting vulnerabilities easier.  Most web frameworks escape the html entity in output automatically.
  • CFML and CFScirpt are poor abstractions.  You just aren't able to write business logic in them.  Some CF components will say to write you business logic in Java classes and then refer to them from CFML. 

This means that CF is a $3000.00 template library with has to be renewed.  Whats the point?

Just putting some thoughts down on paper.

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