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Goals for 2009 and Beyond!

26. January 2009 03:00 by Scott in   //  Tags: , ,   //   Comments (17)

I know its about a month late for me to post something like this, but I wanted to document my ideas and goals for the new year.

My 2009 Personal Goals are:

  1. To Release two Web Applications this year! - This does not include drinkingfor.com, but it would count at the end of the year if I found another website that just worked really well for me.
  2. To improve apon DrinkingFor.com. I have about 8 more tasks that I want to complete with it, but after that I will need to make a decision whether to carry on with the site or throw some advertising on it and start a new site.
  3. To write better blog posts.  I have been on the down side of how informational my posts are and I want to change that.  So here I am prepared to be more informational on my posts.

My Current Long Term Goals:

  1. Acquire Boomers.com.  I hope to one day have a company called Boomers, so I will of course need to buy Boomers.com.
  2. Be a keynote speaker at a convention.  I first have to start speaking, but after that all things should rise to the top.  (Hopefully)
  3. Live off the money made from my web start ups.  The road could be long and hard, but I hope to make enough money each month to go home and work instead of going to work and work.

Now, Lets see how many I accomplish!

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