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The NEW ASP.NET Chart Controls (with Screen shots!)

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I must say that I was a bit skeptical about what Microsoft could offer compared to Dundes Charts when they brought out their new charting controls at PDC 2008.  I was not able to attend, but I had to just go take a look at the control and I must say after seeing the sample gallery, I was BLOWN away!  I have included all screenshots that came with the sample website so that you can also see what's going on with this control. I was utterly impressed and you will be too.

I would like to ask for two more types of charts to be added.  

The Speedometer - I would like to see a speedometer type chart added.  This chart will have a radial type chart that has measurements set by the user.  Kind of like a Miles Per Hour setting.  The long stick inside of the speedometer will be calibrated by how much data there is.  Also, there should be allowance for an infinite amount of sticks to be added to one speedometer.  The Sticks should be able to change color depending on how high each item is pacing.  So to put it in terms of a car, I have a car which has 1 speedometer and it has 4 sticks inside the speedometer.  It allows me to set the MPH rating inside and each stick is for each tire spinning on the car.  The stick turns red if the stick is over a certain predefined mark. So what about it?  This chart would probably fall under the Circular charts.

The Unknown Chart Name - This chart is a bit harder to explain and can only be expressed visually, but here it goes. First off it would be radial/Circular.  It will have a status for a separate entity of a system.  When the system states all items are clear, it will show bubbles in an all green, formatted in a triangle form.  When very little of the operations are working, it will show a much small triangle formed red blimp.  I made a crude drawing of what I am talking about below.  Each entity is attached to a triangle inside the circle. When all is well, the circle should be completely green.  When the status is below level, they should start to turn red.  This allows you to look over the status of a system very fast and efficiently.  Each bubble and each triangle should allow for a drill down to see what's going on.

The next question is where can I suggest more charts? Anyone got an answer? 

All of these charts are TOO beautiful.  I want to tell Microsoft and Dundes they did a GREAT job!  Each chart allows for ToolTips, DrillDowns, Hover Over Texts and much more.

To Download: Charts are Here

Dundes Charts V.S. Microsoft .NET Charts

  Area Charts
2D100StackedArea  2DArea 2DSplineArea  2DStackedArea  3DArea  3DSplineArea

Bar Column Charts
  2DColumn  3D100StackedBar  3DBar  3DColumn  3DStackedBar

 Circular Charts
2DPolar  2DPolarMarker  2DRadarArea  2DRadarMarker  3DPolar  3DRadarArea

 Combination Charts
ColumnArea  LineArea  Pareto  StockArea

 Financial Charts
Bollinger1  Bollinger2  CandleStick  Forecasting  PriceIndicators  Stock

Line Charts
2DFastLine  2DLine  2DLineMarkers  2DSpline  2DStepLine  3DSpline

Pie Donut Charts
2DBeltPieChart  3DPieLegend  3DStepPie  2DDoughnut2  2DDoughnut  2DPieInsideLabels  2DPieOutsideLabels  2DSupplementalPie  3DDoughnut  3DPie2  3DPie3  3DPie  3DPieInPie

Point Charts
3DBubble  FastPoint  2DBubble  2DPoint  2DPointCustom  2DPointLabels  2DPointShapes

 Price Range Charts
2DKagi  2DPointFigure  2DRenko  2DThreeLine  3DThreeLine

Pyramid Charts
2DPyramid  3DFunnel  3DFunnelGap  3DFunnelWidth  3DPyramid  3DPyramidGap

Range Charts
2DRange  2DRangeBar  2DRangeColumn  2DSplineRange  3DRange  3DSplineRange

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