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A Revolutionary way to take notes!

14. October 2008 20:55 by Scott in   //  Tags:   //   Comments (14)

For the past few weeks I have been testing out a piece of software for note taking.  I found the software by luck trolling through www.stackoverflow.com.  The software is called Evernote.  It can do almost everything that is need to do when you need to take a quick note.  All the notes live in an online repository.  Without the repository being Google, I worried that the information might not be there forever.  I decided to take a test drive and let me tell you that this thing just kicks ass.  I have it installed both on my phone and several computers where I can access the notes from anywhere.  I fully enjoy this because my last note taking software was the TASKS section from outlook.  Microsoft was doing a better job with them, but Evernotes ability to take notes anywhere is amazing.  To briefly go through what kind of notes it can take:


  • It can take anything typed or from a web browser.  The browser part is quite extraordinary because all you have to do is click a button and it adds a note.  You can either highlight text or make the entire web page a note without highlighting and wa-la, you have a web page that you don't have to bookmark for later.  You can just go back to your notes which then unclogs the bookmarks for the real purpose of what bookmarks were made for.


  • Voice notes
  • Text note - Typed text
  • Ink Note - If you have a touch screen you can write on the note.
  • Snapshot - You can take a picture of some document or anything.  If you take a picture of the document, EverNote has the ability to capture the text off the document so it can be edited for later.
  • Upload a file - Currently this isn't on the desktop version, but you can upload a file which will be saved both on your dektops and the database.


  • I specifically use Evernote a lot when have some interesting piece of code that I want to make sure I have at home too.  Instead of emailing it to my self, I now place it in Evernote, tag it as code and then I am off!

For both os's, you can save, delete, tag, print, categorize each and every note.

I wanted to mention one more thing.  This program is FREE!  The service has limits unless you upgrade, but after using it for several weeks, I have yet to reach my limit.

I hope you will give EverNote a try.  It does also have a IPhone version out as well.

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