The Art of Programming

Life is like Code, you never know what you will create next

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Appreciate the Beauty – Code can be amazingly beautiful.  It can be written in five lines to express what could also be written in 20 lines.  When I write beautiful code, I will often take a moment to step back and realize what I have just done.  You need to do this in life as well.  When you complete something that took a long time, step back and appreciate your time spent.

Be In the Now – I have always enjoyed coding. I could "get in a zone" and wouldn’t miss a bracket or a semi-colon.  In software development, you need to be in the now.  You need to hack away at the code until you get it just right. In life, you need to also figure out how to be in the “now”.  You need to live in the present.

Be Honest – Don’t mess around, be truthful to those you work for.  Coding is an art, be honest in how you code and what you code.  Take shortcuts, but don’t infringe on patents.  You will lead a much more satisfying life if you were just an honest person.

Plan ahead – Good programmers don’t just start coding.  Think about what you do before you do it.  Good coders make sure they have a game plan before they start writing.  Even if you’re an extreme programmer, think about what you do, before you do it.  In life, you need to ask, "Are the actions your taking now going to work well in the future?"

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Narrow Your Focus – Code is completed in functions.  Something goes into the box and something different comes out of the box.  You need to narrow your focus so you write the best functions possible to make you code complete the first time around on that particular function.  You need to apply that same level of attention and narrowness of focus to your everyday activities. You could get a lot more done if you jumped into one task or function a time and got that function done and then moved on.

Keep Your Eye On the Ball – To make great code, you have to know what’s at the end of the code.  You need to make sure it works well with everything.  If you’re an extreme programmer, make sure your correct in all your goals for the next release. It’s the same in life.  If I find that I’m not making the progress I want toward my goals, it is usually because I’ve let myself get "busy".

Mind Your Manners – Coders will tolerate a lot from a newbie.  They will help him along and make sure he doesn’t screw up, but most coders really don’t appreciate poor etiquette.  You should approach everyone in the world that way.  Peace on earth is easy if you just gave a bit more common courtesy.

The More You Do It, The Better You’ll Be- "Practice makes perfect" is the mantra every coder should follow.  Keep working and you will write better code than before.  I look back on old code I wrote and see a vast improvement than what I was doing 2 years ago.  How much richer would you be if you practiced better communication, compassion, and empathy?

Leave the Code Better then You Found It – I learned this in Boy scouts very early on.  It’s the same with code.  If you do a refactor, leave it in better condition than you made it.  Write better code than the lines you wrote before.  Make it do greater things.  You would be a much better friend and person if you made a concentrated effort to leave everything and everyone better than you found them.

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