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Finish the UnFinished

16. December 2008 16:50 by Scott in   //  Tags: , , ,   //   Comments (47)
Two things rob people of their peace of mind : work unfinished and work not yet begun.” - anonymous

This is not a story of work unfinished, but of work finished.  Life and work throws us into many different projects and work.  We as a society are getting better and faster at finishing tasks we once could not accomplish.  I had a customer come to me and describe to me that they wanted a "chat" application plugged into their current application.  They decided that it was too hard to talk over the phone and would rather type it down and hit enter only to receive a response moments later by the person on the other end.  The chat app had to be web based and had to be produced in the current language of the application in which is was being plugged into.  The language was ASP.NET.  I decided to try the easy route and looked all over the web for some type of chat app.  I found one which was nice, but was purely javascript.  I wanted one built in ASP.NET.  

In the end of this process, I realized there was nothing built in ASP.NET which came as close as to what they wanted me to build.  So, I started from scratch building it up and after about 2 weeks worth of work I got a working demo completed.  I then called up my customer to demo this thing out and they liked it a lot.  But they said there was one small problem.  They only needed to talk to me through it.  They didn't want to talk to anyone, but me.  So here I am with a working buddy list, Icons, Profile content, working group chat and singular chat.  I was frustrated.  It was a demo and not completely done, so I stepped back for a moment and reflected.  I said to my self, "If I don't finish this up now, it will be another thing I just haven't finished".  I was right because it would have turned into that.  It would have just turned into another app that was put out somewhere on some computer. It would have never seen the light of day and I would not have had a peace of mind.  So I decided not to bill the customer for what I had completed.  I built a small little chat "back and forth" messenger for the customer and me.  I then separated the main application and finished the chat application on my own time.  I was extremely happy with this accomplishment and decided that since I was unable to find a chat application built in ASP.NET, I wanted to release it to the world.  So in the coming days I will be posting the chat application on my blog.  Stay tuned.  It is impressive.

Now, as for the moral of the story:  Finish your work.  Bring it to completion.  If you just let it sit there it will collect dust.  It will be time not well spent in which you just lost a small bit of your life to something that you didn't get finished. Go host your project on codeplex and just maybe it would be found by some agile developer a few years from now.  The developer will decide to implement your code and make a much better application built off what you started.  If anything, just finish your work and you will start to have a peace of mind.  I know I do.

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