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Sometimes I dislike Entrepreneurs!

18. March 2008 11:28 by Scott in   //  Tags: , ,   //   Comments (61)

So I read an article today about Kevin Ham.  Anybody heard of him?  This man has not only been named "The man who own's the Internet", but also beats out Internet Moguls like John Chow. Kevin, built a 300 million dollar empire over night.  On what you say?  Buying up Internet domain names and throwing advertisements on each site he bought.  Why does this idea make me not only upset, but Furious?  Well, first it was a GREAT idea to buy up the domains. Hah, I wish I though of it first.  Why does it make me mad?  Well, because when I go searching for a new domain name to add and actually put content on, He already owns them!  I honestly wish the United States would call this a monopoly on domain names and force him to let go of most of them.  The Internet is free and I would rather like to see great content out on 300,000 domain names than advertisements. It would make the world a better place, I think.

I actually wonder if the politicians know about this at all?  Well, it just disappoints me that content can't be put on sites like these, but It does say at the end of the article that Kevin plans on putting content on the sites, but how long and what kind of content would he actually decide to put on the sites.  That also brings on another thought, if he does not like the content then he can be a dictator as such and have it removed.  This I think is a form of obstructing free speech.