How to convert a DTED (Elevation) File to a Raster

This is the First of many.

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First I must say, let this be the first of many entries.  I spent about 10 or 15 hours preparing for this blog along with others setting them up and getting them ready for this Great endeavor. 

I have been all over the state of Florida, but I currently reside in Melbourne, FL.  

 I am vastly immersed in many fields of my life.  I love the thought of politics.  I do also love the thought of Liberty or Freedom as most people know it.  One of my Favorite quotes is from Patrick Henry when he spoke in Virginia is "Give Me Liberty or Give me Death".  I start this blog because of that act.  Give me Liberty or give me Death to us all.  I love my country and only wish for liberties and Freedom to be in all countries of the World.  Lets hope that liberty becomes common in the Entire world.  Thanks for listenin.

 Sam Stone