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BlogEngine.Net 1.XX where have you gone?

7. November 2008 12:34 by Scott in   //  Tags: ,   //   Comments (75)

First off, I want to clearly state that BlogEngine.Net is the best piece of blogging software I have seen since Live Writer for Windows.  I support this Blog provider and I have found this platform incredibly resourceful and worth its weight in gold.  The community is vast and still growing along the way.  I am increasingly proud of Mads and his team for what they have done with ASP.NET and BlogEngine.

But, the last update was in August 2009 and it is now November.  The dotnetblogengine.net hasn't been uploaded since September and the current road map goes no where.  No specified date attached with the road map. I personally think there still is need for a bit more work to fully compare this blog with Wordpress or blogger.com.  It currently doesn't support multiple blogs, email to blog, and text message to blog (lifestreaming idea) in which all of its current competitors are either there or surpassed what I just stated.


The question is, has the development moved slowly for BE or is it currently being taken over by more important projects?  I would at least like to see an updated road map that defines the goals for BE. 

Mads, if your reading this could you give us an update on the status of BE and where the development for it is going?



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