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A More Perfect Union by Barack Obama

1. April 2008 23:03 by sam in   //  Tags: , ,   //   Comments (6)

You know when it comes to politics there is not many things that could be thought of as inspirational. You have people that stand out above the crowd but not inspiring. You have people that fight for peoples rights, but not truly inspiring, but when you have a person stand up and take a high road that could have been just brushed off and avoided. I think you might know now what this post is about. Barack Obama could be our next president. He could be the next biggest loser. I am not trying to take sides and will try to never express my political views on this blog.

But when a man is faced with racial prejudice and stands right in its face and decides to take the high road, that is something that is inspiring. For decades upon decades now, there has always been a sense of racial problems in this country. Blacks can think that the white man is keeping him down and the white man thinking the black man is trash. Both sides of the issue have problems. Both sides have discrepancies, but when a black man (the pastor) makes it public. That is lighting a fire. It could start riots. It could ruin peoples careers. It could have ruined a mans presidency, but when Barack Obama took the stand and talked about the problems America still faces with cultural problems. Well he didn't try and low ball it, he didn't sit back and hide under the covers for it to be avoided, he stood up proud, responsive and ready to make a change to how this kind of media controversy was taking it. This to some people could be mirrored like Martin Luther King Jr. It could be mirrored like the Dalai Lama and the current situation in Tibet. I for one am inspired about the kind of road he took. If you also missed it, he didn't even disown his pastor. He said he was like a aunt or mother in law to him. This I tell you is an admiring man and I for one look up to him and say I was inspired by the way you handled the situation.