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RSS Add-in for BlogEngine.Net that reminds readers to sign up to RSS

6. April 2008 23:08 by scott in   //  Tags: , ,   //   Comments (0)

I was reading along blog posts and saw a reminder at the bottom of the post to sign up to the RSS.  I debated with my self for a few seconds and decided against it because its just some ploy to get you to sign up.  Heh.  So I created my own ploy.  I created an extension that sits at the bottom of every post and reminds the user with the text you prescribe and the RSS link you prescribe.

It was something small that only took like an hour, but I think it will be a good constant reminder to readers that they can and should (hehe) sign up to the blog because they enjoyed your post.

So here it is.

Basically, you just drop it into the folder BlogEngine/App_Code/Extensions.  It is a nice little feature that you can see, I have already installed.

I currently have one glitch in the code that I can't figure out.  If you use another theme except for mine, you will end up with a space after the link for the RSS.  Why, well I have deduced that it is the little picture that sits next to links that shows it will open in a new window.  For some reason though, the picture doesn't actually show up.  Hmm.  So if you can fix this glitch, I will give you credit both in the Extension and this Blog.

Thanks Guys and Happy Blogging

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