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How long will Russia last?

14. May 2008 01:50 by sam in   //  Tags: , , ,   //   Comments (8)


Before Russia fell, it was a powerful and amazing communist country, but lets get one thing straight.  Russia was not able to support it self without Serfs.  Serfs worked as the entire lower class and were released in the 90's because Russia was not able to sustain it self and wanted democratic reform.  The reform has come and gone says some analysts.  Russian Ex-President rolled back democratic reforms into the old age Russia.  People are fleeing the country for a better life and they are finding it in Ukraine.  Ukraine is still highly Democratic and moving more so than before.

Russia itself is losing civilians because of many reasons, but the top two include a Birth Rate lower than the current population. Russians are not replacing them selves.  That has been seen for many years now and Russians are trying to fix this problem by declaring a national holiday to go home and make babies.  Russian towns are giving prizes to couples that have kids on certain days or the amount of kids one couple has.  Things are getting worse than that over there.  Now IHT just did an article about how Russians are fleeing the motherland for a more democratic one.  They are leaving for Ukraine in an attempt to make a better life for them selves that they can't see under the current Russian rule.  This is an example of why the mexicans are leaving mexico for a better country and better way of life.  They leave for the United States and leave mexico without the labor force that is needed to sustain a country economically anymore.  The exact same thing will happen in the Ukraine.  Russia will lose to Ukraines democratic reforms and its willingness for Free Speech.  Because, what does Russia do to artist that talk bad about the government? It puts them into jail. So the artists request Ukraine work visa's and Ukraine accepts them indefinitely.  Ukraine will profit from this and Russia will again lose more of its population.

So the question begs, how long will Russia last?  If the Government keeps pushing back Democratic reforms and keeps allowing its population stop replacing them selves, they will lose faster over time. The country will fall inevitably if it doesn't change its current course of action.

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