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TED: Whats in a Name and Slogan?

25. November 2008 16:30 by Scott in   //  Tags: , , , , , , , ,   //   Comments (16)

While working on bringing a new TED down here to the South East, I was able to get in contact with TED HQs in New York.  I had a good conversation with them about what I wanted to do and they gave me the requirements that were needed to be met when I hosted a TED down here in the South East. The problem with these requirements, I cannot explain as of yet, but there were two big problems I had with them.  TED will be coming out with a innovative way to spread TED around the world, but in doing so they want to protect the name of course. They will be unveiling this new idea in January or February of 2009, but as of now I will not use TED as the name because of the requirements.  Maybe later down the road when things get ironed out, we could move the name around TED.  I don't wish to speak about it more than that, until they make their final decisions on how they are going to go about it.  With these two problems taken into account, I will have to create my own TED like event down here in Central Florida with a different name.

So where do I start, as stated last I was pursuing a name that would work best.  I want to do an acronym with some words I have drawn up that could best express the goal in mind.

  • Relevant
  • Innovative
  • High Quality
  • Design
  • Technology
  • Entertainment

I found a decent and pretty intelligent acronym creator at Any help on creating an acronym out of two or all those words would be amazing.  Have fun at it.  I will definitely be back next time with a name.

Now, TED does have an amazing slogan/mission statement.  Its one of those statements that cannot be topped at least I think.  The Statement is "Ideas Worth Spreading".  I also thought of another statement that was inspired by one of the people that left a comment on my blog. The statement is "Ideas Worth Spreading is an Ideal that must Grow"  These two phrases, I think brings everything together.  The fact is I think this slogan can be used over and over since it isn't copyrighted.  I personally think that TED and the idea of TED is worth spreading, so why can't another partner of TED also use the same slogan?  I will most likely be using this slogan and making the final decision on it by the time I blog next about TED.  

Again, any help on the name would be amazing! Also, if anyone wants to give their opinion about the mission statement, I would appreciate it.

The video below is a decently long one, but I think it could have the most impact on the Human Race in the next century or two. It is pretty drawn out and only after a few minutes do you realize what he is talking about.

Craig Venter on creating Synthetic life.

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TED: The Next Step

6. November 2008 15:28 by Scott in   //  Tags: , , , , , ,   //   Comments (7)

Planning the next TED conference didn't come to me as being that hard, but once you get into it, the conference needs more time than expected.  You have to research other conferences that are partners of TED.  You have to look at their schedules and how they plan things.  Currently, I have been unable to contact any TEDsters.  If you are a TEDster, please find me and contact me.  I would love to pick your brain a little bit knowing that I have never been to a TED conference.

I have four current projects in my life and looking at TED, I would need to spend the same time on the conference as I do on the other projects. The best way I am able to do this so far is to devote one day per week to each of my projects.  It allows me to keep focused each night on one project or another.

So whats happening with my conference planning this week?

I found several partners of TED that also have their own websites this passed week. I have been studying their schedules and how they work.  How they plan and what goes on at their conferences.

  • - This is the guy that runs the TEDGlobal conference in England.  I tried to contact him, with no luck so far.  He blogs about all the TEDGlobal conferences along with speakers.  If I could pick anyone's brain on how to organize, I would want it to be him or Chris Anderson (TED California).  A lot of resources at this site.
  • - Digital Life Design (DLD) which is a TED partner.  I found them through one of the TEDs videos.
  • - This site was the most informational TED partner I found.  It actually sounds like a great conference and what I found most interesting on their site was a schedule of events for their conference.  This allows me to see how a conference like this is planned and executed. This conference is offered mostly in Asia.  This site also has a bunch of information on the creators and staff which I think is great.  It allows me to see what kinds of people need to be on the advisory board I wish to create.
  • - This was another TED partner which wasn't completely informational, but it was a partner none the less which I could learn from. Picnic happens in Amsterdam, which must be a pretty large city because over 8000 people attended the last Picnic.

This is a small amount of resources offered, but I hope to make it something great.  I would like to own TED personally or as an entity which also has its own board of advisors.  The problem with owning it, would be the time spent with it.  I would rather be known as the curator of my TED.  I do seek ownership, but do also seek advisors to the cause.

I am pretty sure I will go with close to the same mission statement as TED has which seems extremly short and sweet.  I would love to carry the same name as TED, but if the conference becomes as large as it has the ability to.  I would rather name it differently. This is because I would rather not get into a legal battle over TED in the southeast a few years down the road. I am pretty close to deciding on a name for this conference, but am still working on somewhat of an acronym.

One other extra I found this week was a conference blogging guide.  It gave the best points on how to blog at conferences.  I found it at I hope you find it useful for it will help me.

conferenceblogging_zuckerman-giussani_A4_color.pdf (484.97 kb)

As for the video this week, I found many good videos this week but most can go over the same and not hit a point home of what just happened with this years United States Elections.  Barack Obama won as you might know, but I do not wish to be political.  Barack leans more towards taking from the rich and giving to the poor.  He knows Capitalism works and that is why I chose this video.  In a part of this video, Richard Branson talks about his new venture, the Capitalist Philanthropy.  The quote stuck with me and I wish to share what he said, because I think it fits right in with why Barack Obama was the choice for president for many American citizens.

Here is the Quote - "Capitalist is proven to work.  The problem with capitalism is extreme wealth ends up in the hands of a few people.  Therefore extreme responsibility therefore goes with that wealth.  Use that money to either create jobs or tackle issues around the world.  If your in a position to radically change ones life for the better, then you should." - Richard Branson

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