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Inspiration from the movie "The Visitor"

16. March 2008 17:13 by sam in   //  Tags: , ,   //   Comments (8)

Has anyone ever seen a movie that was so inspiring that it has touched or changed your life forever?  Well I hope that every single one of you has.  I hope that if your able to get access to the Internet, your also able to get access to movies.  If you access to movies, well then we are on the right track.  Today, I just saw a movie trailer for "The Visitor."  Its about a guy who no longer has a life and has done no work for the last couple of years.  He just seems like he isn't happy at all.  He comes home one day to find a couple living in his apartment and to his surprise, this changes his life forever.  It gives him a rejuvenating feeling about him.  Its pretty inspiring, because you can see the persons character evolve over just a short period of time.  One day he is sad and the next, when he has a new hobby and is again happy with his life.  I haven't seen the movie yet because its not out in theaters, but the trailer looks awesome.  It could even be inspiring.

I just hope I don't start becoming a film critic. heh.

Here is the trailer for your viewing pleasure.

After you view the trailer, I would like to know if this is the kind of inspiring thoughts you were looking for.  Please leave your comments about this post and give your opinions about what you were expecting.  Thank You.