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Students Rallied saying "Freedom is our legitimate right!" in Iran

28. March 2008 02:59 by Sam in   //  Tags: , , , , , ,   //   Comments (13)

On March 19th students rallied for their rights to freedom.  They rallied all across the country of Iran crying "Death to Ahmadinejad." This movement is amazing to view, it shows that the young people of Iran and many other countries including China, Venezuela and North Korea are crying for freedom.  I have always had a theory that it is the rule of thirds.  In America, when a family moves here from another country; it is not the first, second but the third generation that actually assimilate them selves into the American Society. Its an awesome thing to see and I think other countries are finally getting wind by a young movement that is sweeping the countries due to things like the Internet.  The Internet allows for mass crowds to get involved, it allows for better freedom of speech and it just allows information to flow.  It is a sight to see when people stand up against their country.  I only hope that the Internet moves the right kinds of people to stand up against communism and corruption.  I hope it shows people what freedom really is and what things it can do for a person.  On a side note: if information gets out to these countries faster and without delay over the next couple of years, I think countries that have restrictions on their people will inevitably fall.  It only takes time.  I hope sooner than later and with less death than there has been in the past.