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Top Post and Top Comment Widgets for BlogEngine.Net

27. April 2009 09:00 by Scott in   //  Tags: ,   //   Comments (3)

Recently I found a post on Stackoverflow for someone looking for a Top Posts widget.  I knew I had created one, but not yet posted it.  So here is the post.

Download the Zip file and add the extension to the extensions directory and add the widgets to the widgets directory.  The top posts widget will only update every 30 minutes because it wouldn't need to be updated so frequently.

So here they are:

The Top Posts widget allows you to view how many times each post was viewed.

The Top comments widget allows you to see how many comments were posted on each post.

Hope it helps everyone out and as you can see on my right side, it works on my machine!

TopItems.zip (17.46 kb)


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