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3 WYSIWYG Editors for Webmasters in ASP.NET and why I chose FreeTextBox

14. May 2008 00:26 by scott in   //  Tags: , ,   //   Comments (47)

I have built a few sites that required the user to have control over the dynamic data of the site like which the editor is used for every page of their site.  It updates all content of the site that they desire to enter in.  Over my search for the best editor I went through a variety of editors finally coming out with the Editor of FreeTextBox, but I would like to show you all the editors that I went through.  This is for me to, so I can remember where I found the editors and what one I used.  By the way, I wanted editors that were .NET compatible, so that was a big qualifier for which one I chose.

1. FreeTextBox - This was the editor I used for the final site of  I liked it the best because of the easy install and modification of objects on the editor it self.

Demo Here


2. FCKEditor - Small and light editor, but I needed more functionality.

Demo Here


3. Spaw Editor - I didn't get a true chance to check this thing out, but it looked good and was built on .NET! It looked to be the editor of choice, but I had already had experience with FreeTextBox, so that's why I didn't choose this editor.

Demo Here


I hope you enjoyed my pick.

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