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Yet Another Forum Controls: Top Posts and Last Post Controls

15. June 2009 09:14 by Scott in   //  Tags: , , , , ,   //   Comments (6)

In my time of developing apps, I love YAF and would love to see more development for it. So in helping out with the Forum, I wanted to contribute and I imagine I will be working on more controls later down the road for YAF.

I built these controls for the third party application I host at Utopiapimp.com.  It is used for the online game at Utopia.Swirve.com.  Its a GREAT game which challenges your intellect.  It is completely text based so requires a lot of thinking.  If you ever decided to give it a try, look me up.  Im around the game and the site.  I am hooked on it.

In using these controls, I ask that you help out with YAF. Not just in downloading these controls, but building your own stuff!

To YAF/Control Developers: There are two problems with these controls. I am using LINQ as a segway with connecting to the database. So if you would like to do something different, please replace the "DataContexts" with something else for connecting to the database. Along with the Execute Query part needs to be replaced as well.
THE OTHER PROBLEM: YAF URL Re-directions STINK. They just don't work outside the forum. So if your posting any of this on a page other than the default page, the page needs to be replaced with the default page.

To All other control users: These controls can either be spit out as tables or Lists. Go to the code behind and comment out the Table, but by default it displays the list.

1. PostCount: Default = 10, but can be set to anything.
2. BoardName: Default is no board name. Its just all boards, but can be set to any board name.
3. Class: This is the CSSClass.
4. Row class and alternating Class can be un-commented and implemented on each control.

Here are the controls.

Put these controls into the forum/controls folder and drag and drop them anywhere on the site. 

TopPosts.zip (1.67 kb)

LatestPosts.zip (1.79 kb)

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