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Java JPA Just Sucks

6. March 2012 14:22 by Scott in Java, ESRI  //  Tags: ,   //   Comments (0)

Now hear me out, before you go commenting like crazy or I stir a hornets nest saying something bad about Java.

We have this project at work that has consumed a year and a half of development time.  Some developer in the very beginning decided to use Java JPA and Java webservices as the server side environment.  So we went with it.  After a while, we ran into Java JPA.  For those .Net folks out there, its Java’s attempt at LINQ or the Entity framework.  While its not bad, I seem to run across countless more problems with it than I ever would have with LINQ or Entity.

It generates tables poorly, it has problems with foreign keys and it doesn’t error out properly with good error codes or problems.  Overall, it is just a poor attempt.  Sort of reminds me when I started developing in highschool.  Tons of concepts, bad design and crappy documentation.

I attempted to convince my colleagues to move over to .Net before it was too late, but sadly they thought we were already too far in. 

If you would like some proof, well let me just show you.  I received this error just now.

JPA table “sequence” does not exist.

What sort of error is that?  Where does that come from and how would that even help me towards a solid solution?  So I google it and find one thing on stackoverflow.

Sadly, the link doesn’t help much either.

At least in .Net they will both tell you the problem and suggest a fix in the comments of the error.  Yes, thats right, they will suggest a fix.  You should all write your frameworks that way.  If you think an error is possible, help that poor coder along and give them solutions.  JPA reminds me a lot of ESRI code.

Thats my Rant.

[class E] uses a non-entity [class E] as target entity in the relationship attribute [field

6. March 2012 07:52 by Scott in Java  //  Tags: ,   //   Comments (0)

[class E] uses a non-entity [class E] as target entity in the relationship attribute [field

Busted in upon this error and didn’t find much for it online.

Its mainly caused because the Entity is not found in the persistance.xml document.  You have to make sure its added.