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Books to Read as a Programmer/Developer

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I think just about every programmer has a list of books they wish to read and since I am a programmer, I am no different.  Below will be my ever growing list of books that I suggest to read or want to read.  These books are things that will change the way I think on things in life and that's why I choose to read them.  No fairy tale novels or romance books here.  Its all books I can learn from.

Currently Reading

The Bible - All about Christian ideals. Okay, I know this book is slightly out of context, but it is something that teaches a lot of things for the regular person.

Books I have Read

  1. ASP.NET Unleashed - This book is an in depth study of everything ASP.NET.  It talks about all controls and the deep code it takes to build web sites and winforms.

Want to Read

  1. Code Complete - Steve McConnell - I first heard about this book on a weekly radio show I listen to called dotnetrocks.  I have not currently read this book, but it is supposed to cover the entire scope of Computer Science and coding.
  2. Don't Make Me Think - Steve Krug - I forget where I read this book, probably from the same dotnetrocks interview that I heard for Code Complete.  This book details all items of usability.  How to make the best user interface that a person can create for the user.
  3. Mythical Man Month - Frederick P. Brooks - It is another book that I want to read about the human elements of software engineering.  If you write code, this book should be on your shelf from what I hear even though I have not gotten it yet.
  4. The Visual Display of Quantitative Information - Edward Tufte - By some this author is called a genius in all user experiences and just making life an easy flow of data.  This is a must for any programmer from what I understand.
  5. Visual Explanations - Edward Tufte - Another book by Tufte in which this one and The Visual Display of Quantitative Information are supposed to required reading for any person that develops Great UI's.
  6. Envisioning Information - Edward Tufte - The last and final book that is another must read for Tufte.  People say that it is not required to read all three, but highly recommended.
  7. Introduction to Algorithms - Something I need to read since I am way behind on the curve of programming real stuff.  I was a Computer Engineer in college and got hired up as a Computer Programmer! 
  8. Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software - Supposed to go in depth of why and when to use Object oriented programming and this is another book because I missed my core CS classes while in college.
  9. The Elements of Typographic Style - Lets see how to write and display text better in this world.  This book comes recommended from the highest sources and will not pass it up.

After I finish reading these books, I will move them to the "have read" section and make sure I give a good explanation of each of them.

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