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At the time of writing this, I finally got my second real website out for customers and would like to publish my profile online.  So at the time of writing this, I have completed two sites for customers.  This list will grow with time with each new project I create.

  • Lumber by Lance - 12/24/2008 – This site is for a customer that produces logs to lumber and then has a kiln to dry the lumber out.
  • Indialantic Volunteer Fire Department - 6/20/2008 – This site is for a volunteer fire department out of Indialantic Beach, Fl.  I was quite happy with this project because all the white space is completely updatable before I found out the concept of what a CMS is.
  • DotNet Instant Messenger - 12/28/2008 - This site was designed by a friend without a website.  I designed and created DotNet IM.  Pretty proud of this one actually.  First real engine I have put out on the internet.
  • DrinkingFor -1/09/2008 - Been working on this site with my partner in crime.  I knew and he knew only java.  Since C# and Java go hand and hand, he wanted to jump onto a simple project.  This is it.  We are working on it to make sure it up to web 2.0 standards but it has been launched.
  • UtopiaPimp also at UtopiaShrimp - 6/30/2009 - I started this site well over a year ago and gave it a break so I could work on DrinkingFor.  I am back at this site and it is working well for me. The site is built for a Online game at  It is a game that requires a bit of intellect and collaboration.  The learning curve has said to be high, but it is still one of the best and if not oldest online games in the world.  UtopiaPimp currently has over 30k users.
  • ItFeelsLike -10/1/2010- I built this site to show how it feels for different things in our lives.  Physical or mental Feelings.  Have you ever been shot?  Well I haven't and would love to know what it actually feels like if someone can describe the feeling.
  • DeMotivatedPosters - 12/1/2010 -  This site was mainly built for fun and to learn ASP.NET MVC. It is for all those DeMotivational poster lovers out there!  It gives you a chance to create your own DeMotivational Poster!
  • PostSecret Collection - 12/1/2010 - I created this site because there was no real archiving place for  I loved the site, so this is somewhat of a tribute to it.  The entire collection has been downloaded using several different sites to hunt down the postcards.  I since implemented Germany's, France's, The UK's, and Spain's into the site.
  • Roller Derby Penalty Timer - 9/1/11 - I created both a paid and free version of a penalty timer application for Roller Derby.  This application is currently only on the Android Phone.
  • Audingo - Oct-Nov/2011 - I built this Android application for a Start up out of Texas who is trying to be the next company to sell things at a discount, but instead of reading things, they want to call and text them to you.  Cool idea and could be used elsewhere.  I guess time will only tell if they do well.
  • Dolphin Words - 7/1/2011 - I built this simple little website to help others out when trying to solve a Cross word Puzzle.  Its simple and nice looking. Probably the nicest looking Crossword, Words With Friends, Scrabble, and Words by Post Helper out there on the web.

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