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The Hackers of the Past

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The Hackers of the past are a dwindling group of people.  The hackers of the future have a bright journey ahead of them.  The whole culture behind a hacker has shifted and is evolving over time.  The new culture is taking over a dwindling past time.  Phrack and 2600 both talk about the hacking underground changing and morphing.  They both don't see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I will to show them a new tunnel.  The hacking underground is still alive and well, but in a different format.  Hackers of the past were for freedom of information and to some, open source software stated by Richard Stallman.  Both Phrack and 2600 are looking for new outs and ins.  They both talk about how hackers have left the underground and joined the computer security job.  While security is important, it has basically ripped through the underground and taken a big chomp out of its culture.  No one knows how long the underground will stay active and they are of course looking for another course of action, but who will provide?  At this moment, there could be three type of hackers in the world.

The first type of hacker is your old school underground hacker.  It isn't your script kiddies, but the ones of the past.  The kind of hackers that ethically or unethically broke into computer systems for the freedom of information. To open the world to more information.  This is the hacker of the past.  The underground hackers still exist today, but their culture is falling to the floor with its last foot on the step. I hope to revive the culture in the coming years.

The second type of hackers are the ever failing computer security hackers.  This type of guy left the underground years ago to earn some money for doing what they love.  These hackers, left a large gaping void in the underground culture and have stopped the true ideal of a hacker.  They no longer hack.  They now prey on the underground for security secrets to divulge to the world.  About 6 months ago, a huge flaw was found in the basic dns of computers.  It was the security hacker who released the flaw before it was patched.  It was the security hacker who put the entire world at risk just for a little more publicity.  Why does this type of hacker need the publicity?  Because their jobs are turning into nothing.  They are losing work, though staying very busy, they are no longer having as much fun as they were sitting in front of a computer at 3am in the morning working on the next system and show them it has a flaw to the world.


Taken by Ted Percival


The third type of hacker has been around for years and years.  It was supposedly started back in the 1950's with amateur radio enthusiasts.  Looking for a new way to improve performance, which they coined the term hacking.  They have come from MIT in 1959, Stewart Brand in 1972 when he publishes SpaceWar.  It was made popular around 1982 when Tron and WarGames came out.  The third type of hacker is the hobbyst.  The guy that goes home after working a 9-5 job and working on some piece of software or hardware.  This is what hacking and the culture has turned into.  The type of person that enjoys solving real world problems.  The person that might choose to make a few bucks with their new gadget they just created or release it to the open source market which Richard Stallman and the creator of Linux Linus Torvalds strive for.  The term hacking has even morphed and created user groups such as Ycombinator and Hacking News.

The culture has changed a bit, but the underlying ethical ideals are still their.  Open up to the world. The Homebrew Computer Club started it all, hackers of the underground kept it going and now hackers of the future will have continued the legacy.  The security consultants though, will die off as the software of the future hackers get better.

The computer and the idea of software engineering is still in its infancy.  We have yet to see what new changes can be made, but I do know this.  The culture changes, but the ethics remain the same.

Which type of hacker were you?  Do you feel upset by this culture change?

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