The Sex and Cash Theory for Programmers

What if I Sold?

2. March 2009 03:20 by Scott in   //  Tags: , ,   //   Comments (9)

Lets say, Lets say you sold your company or start up tomorrow and never had to work or worry about money again.  Putting it at a nice round number of $10 mil ($10,000,000).  What would you do next?  Where would you go?  Are you happy with what you have right now?  I contemplated this idea that if I did have that kind of money after just selling my business, I wouldn't try to blow it. Though I would do a few things like pay off my bills of course which would be such a small sampling of that money.  So what would I do next?

Photo by Alaskan Dude
  • I would leave everything behind and go travel for a year.  Get away from everything and just live.
  • I would keep in shape with my new Erg (rowing machine)
  • I would stop setting the alarm clock.
  • I would stop saying I have to work.
  • I would spend more time with my lovely girl friend.
  • I would throw deadlines out the window.
  • I would study up on things. Learn another language that I never had time for while I traveled.
  • Start a charitable foundation that allowed me to improve the world by small increments.
  • Invest in developing nations, give people in third world countries micro loans.
  • Invest in an incubator for other start ups.
  • Live somewhere long enough to learn their language.  Tuscany always sounded nice.
  • Get my teaching certificate and teach kids how to create software in high school, NOT college.
  • Tutor kids.
  • Spend some time in quiet reflection.  Take a few months to clear my mind and gather my thoughts on self worth.
Last, but definitely not least.
  • I would do it again.
  • Create a hacker house for the like minded.
  • Once is luck, but twice is a skill.

Thanks for letting me share.  What are your ideas?  I would love to hear them and see what you would do.  I hopefully one day will have something like this. Lets see what I can do.  

It is possible to make $10 Mil. Just stop telling your self someday.

Remember that:

  1. You make your own choices, and there is always tradeoffs.  Start trading something else for creating a startup.
  2. Stop telling your self someday.  It can easily turn into never.  Don't wait for the stars to align to get it done, just do it now.
"Shoot for the stars and Land on the Moon" - Anonymous

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