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Just Lost Your Job?

6. March 2009 03:30 by Scott in   //  Tags: , , ,   //   Comments (10)

I wanted to give a bit of advice to those people getting laid off at this time.  It helped me to realize what I needed to do if I ever got laid off and I thought I would put it down on paper.

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  1. First and foremost, Sit down and think where you want to go with your career.  Think of it as a fresh start and make sure your choices resonate with your interests.
  2. Update your Resume.  (easy and fast).
  3. Overdress for interviews. (suit, shave, tie and a haircut)  Bad presentation is usually the fastest way out the door.
  4. Be punctual and polite.
  5. Relax and be your self.  This is probably the hardest to do, but you should think about this a bit more when you get an interview.
  6. Just be your self, don't fake another personality.  In the end, if you act like your self, it will pay off.
  7. You need a job and they need an employee.  There is a reason they are interviewing and spending so much time on this.  Don't be afraid to ask serious questions.  Last Layoff?  Hows the growth?
  8. Do your homework.  Look at things you have done in the past and refresh your mind when they ask you what you did or how you did it.
  9. Be firm in your salary. Don't go cheap.  If you act desperate, then they will shoot low with you, if you are greedy, then they just wont hire you.
  10. Don't get desperate.  If your willing to pick up and move, there are millions of jobs out there for the picking.
  11. Be willing to take a pay cut.  Having a job that pays some bills, is better than not having a job.  More experienced candidates will be asking for more money.  When companies tighten up, they will want to have the cheaper guy more than the experienced.
  12. Don't stop searching.  Don't take a week off.  Search Job boards daily. Not once a week.  This includes looking at craigslist for jobs.
  13. Interview for every job.  Even if you don't get it, thats one more person that has seen you inside the company and might pass your resume on to the next interviewer.
  14. Be prepared to get depressed.  You won't win every battle, but you will finally win the war by getting hired.
  15. Depending on how much you saved, you might want to call your folks up and ask for a bed in one of the spare rooms.
  16. Research the company your interviewing for.  Its better to know about their product than not know anything about it.  They will most certainly ask you a question about what the product is and if you can handle it.
  17. Spark a conversation between you and the interviewer.  Talk about your local sports team or the next biggest and coolest thing.  Being friendly is another way that you will get points in an interview or even outside the interview.
  18. A lot of people get jobs through people they know.  Sit down and create a contact list of everyone you know.  Send each one an email with your Resume explaining what happened and that you have hopes for a job. Rank your contacts from 1 - 5 being close personal friends or people you met at conferences.  Follow up with your friends via a phone call, and then send follow up emails to the 5'ers.
  19. If you only have a couple years experience, the older more experienced guys might take your job.  Don't try to beat them on experience.  Beat them on soft skills, like being a team player, being eager and excited to work.
  20. Stop spending.  Only get needs and not wants.  Your bank account will go dry fast if you spend too much too fast.

Got any other advice, please open up and let me know.

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