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Obtaining Line Numbers When Viewing a StackTrace With ClickOnce Deployment

19. March 2012 16:49 by Scott in WPF  //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)

When publishing a WPF application.  I used the Click Once method as it seems to be the best and quickest way to auto update desktop applications.

Its like auto updating apps these days on phones and tablets, but this time its on a windows desktop.

So, I had implemented it and we have had users download our beta piece of software for it.  The first problem I saw when errors started arriving was the line numbers weren’t being taken.  So I knew it first, we weren’t publishing the .PDB files when we published via ClickOnce.

So we went searching and its sort of hidden away.  But Right click on the Project –> Properties –> Publish Tab –> Application Files Button then Click Show All Files.  You can then require that the PDBs get published with the app.  It will show line numbers now in Errors and it will be much easier to see problems.