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Randy Pausch and his inspiring last lecture

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I like to write about inspirational things.  In fact, this blog is all about inspirational things I find in my everyday life.  I found another and wish to share it with the crowd.  I saw a video about two weeks ago.  The video took about two hours to get fully through with a few distractions from my girl friend.  Let me give you a brief intro before I share it with you.  Randy Pausch has accomplished so much in so little time.  He was stricken by cancer in the late part of 2007.  He was given 3 to 6 months to live, but due to his latest video, he has become an instant celebrity. Let me not say celebrity, but a person that will be remembered for long time to come. 

Randy is a professor at Carnegie Mellon in the computer science department.  He studied at Brown University and received his PHD at Carnegie Mellon.  He taught a course called building Virtual Worlds at CMU which then lead his career into the hands of Disney Imagineers and if you know anything about the Imagineers you would be impressed.  It is basically Disney's R&D department.  The Imagineers create everything from models to 3D virtual worlds.  He has consulted with Google on interface and design and also worked at Electronic Arts.  This is where it gets interesting.  He has been called one of the smartest persons people know by his colleagues.  He has a great attitude and has been destined to change the world ever since his conception.  Just from watching this video, I honestly feel I have had an inspiring moment in my life.  That is why I bring it to you.

The Last Lecture (video Link here) has been viewed over six million times and gives allot of valuable lessons. I suggest watching it in a quiet environment to actually pull everything in.

1. Decide if your a tigger or Eeyore. 
This is one of my favorite lessons, shows wether people can be good and fun or just plain boring.

2. Never lose the child like wonder.
Never lose your childhood fun and excitement.  I am always a kid at heart.

3. Help others.
There would be peace in the world if everyone helped one another.

4. (For the Ladies) He says this is one of the greatest quotes he has ever heard, "When it comes to men that are romantically interested in you, just stop listening to what they say and watch what they do."
One of those lessons that can be used in every woman situations.

5. Tell the Truth
Just one of those that every man of every faith should do.

6. Be Earnest.

7. Apologize when you screw up.
People will not only respect you more, but will still give you things they can trust you with. 

8. Focus on others and not your self.
This will make you more of a humble person.

I sure hope you liked this post as much as I have.  Thanks for visiting.

 UPDATE: Randy Just came out with this new video about pancreatic cancer.  Thought I would put it up for people to see in support for help of pancreatic cancer.

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